Limping chick question


5 Years
Sep 20, 2017
Hey folks - have a 3 day old chick that I hatched that has just stated to limp and favor it’s right leg. There are 3 other roommates in the brooder with it. It treats the leg as I would equate a human treating a badly sprained ankle. Diet is starter chick feed - my wife supplemented it last night with brewers yeast as we do for ducklings. Any other tips/speculations? I took a movie on my phone but can’t attach movies here apparently...thanks in advance!
for movies i think you have to upload to youtube or something and then send the link here.
couldve sprained it, just keep and eye on her to make sure she doesnt get bullied and is getting water and food
I've heard the chicks need grit to process anything other than starter, but I'm not sure about yeast lol

I assume your treatment plan is solid. It's not deformed? Just keep an eye that the other chicks dont pick on him. Survival of the fittest is brutal.

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