Limping chicken

Looks like something in the hock or higher- just the one side seemed to kind of collapse in. Much like I do when my knee gives out.

Keep in mind the chickens only have 2 legs and can't use crutches ... so the other leg and other areas will get fatigued from supporting the weight and moving her around.

You might consider building her a chicken chair and/or sling - there are all kinds of ideas on how to do this to be found on this site- so she can be upright without stressing the good leg or enduring the pain from whatever happened to the other leg, i.e. the sling holds up her body so she can take the weight off her legs- without having to lay down.

If they go from fine to something like this, I tend to think injury. This link has excellent info, I would read it all but especially the section about slipped achilles tendon.

Poultry Podiatry - PoultryPedia

Fix Slipped Achilles Tendon in Hock Joint

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