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    Jun 18, 2009
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    Have a barred rock pullet that limps since she was 10 weeks. 18 weeks now, no change. No clue how it happened. Worst in AM after all night roosting. She is a sweet-natured runt that has become a pet. Was thinking of trying glucosamine supplement (that humans take) or hyaluronic acid supplement (for human joint comfort) All 24 pullets get calcium and loads of greens and veggies. I always make sure that Chirpie gets her share and then some if it is treats such as fruit excess, etc. (she was last one to cluck and only could chirp for awhile, so I called her chirpie)

    Thought of cutting the capsules open and dipping strawberry pieces in the powder to give her as a treat (she loves strawberries)

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    She's pretty young, and may need a lower roost OR deeper bedding. Maybe a landing pad like a bale of straw. Bone hardness is an individual thing and she may be re-injuring herself frequently enough that the damage has not quite healed...does she have the option of a ladder or is her position on the roost such that she must fly down? I'm not ruling out the fact that she is the runt and therefor lighter, only that her skeletal development is part of the whole picture. How high are your roosts?
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