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    Our GL Wyandotte, Quark, recently started limping badly. We think she may rolled off of a loose perch or fallen somehow but we're not sure. There are no cuts that we can see on her leg or claw and it doesn't seem to be particularly swollen. She just lifts it up like a flamingo and hops around. My question is, since we believe she is in a certain amount of pain, is there anything to give her? Can you give chickens something like 1/4 of a baby aspirin or anything like that to help with pain? Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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    Sep 21, 2009
    I have had the same problem develop in one of my SLW's over the last couple of days. She doesn't seem to be in pain and is free ranging with the rest of the flock but her limp is getting worse.

    Any suggestions on what we can do with our poor injured chooks?
  4. Me too. Check here, Incident 04:

    So long as there is no wound, you can use 1 low-dose (81 mg) in a quart/litre of water. You can give by dropper or in an inverted pet water bottle in a cage. Sometimes helps to restrict them in a cage for a few days and they love being babied. I had mine in a cage on a platform in the coop. They tend to re-injure when mixed in with the flock...forced to run and all that...[​IMG]
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    I had an Ameraucana who recently injured her leg. I put her in a kennel inside the coop - so she could see the other chickens - and a few times a day I gave her some vitamin water and gave her boiled egg yolk and yogurt. It took her about two weeks to get back to normal, but now she's just fine. Good luck!

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