Limping Chicken


5 Years
Apr 16, 2014
We Have 5 chickens total 3 Buff Orpington's and 2 New Hampshire Reds. On of our Buffs Marigold has always been a very antisocial bird, in the morning we would open the coop to let everyone out and she would always stay behind it's gotten so bad and has been going on for so long that we had to start putting food an water inside the coop cause she started dropping weight. Anyway other than that issue Marigold has been limping on her right foot for about two weeks now and we have NO idea why, nothing feels broken however her right foot does look a tad swollen compared to her left. We think it may be bumble foot but it just looks swollen, there is no sore like I have seen in pictures. She has been kept separate from the rest of the flock in hopes that she heals but I'm just wondering if there is anything I can do to help her heal and how long will she continue to limp?

Also since she has always been an antisocial bird she is definitely at the bottom of the pecking order. Is there anything we humans can do to tell these other hens to stop being such mean girls and snap out of it or is my poor Marigold doomed to a life living in fear? I would love to see her out and about with the other girls but I'm worried she's going to get eaten alive by the others. Please help me to help my poor sweet Buff I just want her to be healthy and happy again.

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