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Hi Friends,

today i noticed that Maggie Duck is limping really bad. She is avoiding to put weight on her left leg. I caught her and examined her legs, it is definitely no bumblefoot! Both legs are not swollen, not hot, just her left leg seem to hurt. I tried to give her a bath in luke warm water, but that ended with me taking an outdoor shower…
My prime suspect is a brutal rape by my Buff Orpington drake »Erpelchen«. Anything i can do to help her?
See is resting a lot in the grass, just moving a bit when the rest of the flock stays too far away. If that drake isn't getting better he may end up in solitary confinement, in the freezer!
I have this same problem this year with 2 of my female Pekin Ducks! I also believe the culprit originally were my male pekin ducks "mating" so I have been keeping them separate for now during the peak mating season. Hoping that they will eventually back off my girls so they all can play together. I currently though have one of my girl ducks limping too for the past couple weeks on and off. How do you check for bumble foot? I was told to look for black spots on the bottom of their feet. My girl's ankle is the only swollen spot on the foot she is limping on. I also was told to supplement nutritional yeast on their food regularly to help support their bones and immune system for both duck's and chickens and you can order it online. I'm definitely going to buy some soon since it sounds like it helps prevent injuries.
Well looking for black spots on her feet would not make any sense, as she has black feet. But i scanned her web and toes with my fingers for any suspicious bumps and hard spots. Her feet feel soft like baby-skin, no hard lumps, scabs or anything. - Just razor-sharp toe-nails…
She is a bit better now and has started to use her left leg again. And »Erpelchen«, the drake is suspiciously calm today. He has not even tried to break into the tomato plants, even though the fence is down in one spot. Veryyyyyy suspicious! - And he is nice with the girls today.
Update on Maggie:
I noticed yesterday that she was pushed away from food and water by her flockmates, so i sat down with her and gave her food and water, having a hard time to ward off the other ducks. Blanca almost jumped at me…
Maggie is still limping terribly and seems to have a lot of pain in her left leg. This morning i examined her again and found no bumblefoot, no swelling no hot spots on both legs, so the source of the pain must be somewhere else.
Today i have her separated from the rest of the flock with her own water and food supply. She has mealworms and cat kibbles peppered with Niacin-, Vitamin-B complex- and Glucose-powder and the meatbird pellets they all love.
Turned the Duck vacation-home into a hospital room. First she didn't like to be in there, but now she is resting and sleeping most of the time. Good sign is that she is eating and drinking fine.
Thinking about some peas in the afternoon. Anything else you can think about what i could do for her? (No, a vet isn't an option, sadly…)
Maggie Duck in her hospital room by WannaBeHillBilly posted Sep 10, 2019 at 12:27 PM
That drake is walking a fine line at the moment! Caught him three times in the tomatoes today and had to hose him down twice fore trying to rape Curiosity Duck. I cannot use the Vacation Home as a drake jail anymore, so the only other accommodation available is the freezer… Who would have thought that such a sweet ball of fluff could become such a bully!

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