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    May 28, 2013
    We have a duck that is about 2 months old. We got her from McMurry Hatchery. Ever since we've had her, she has limped. And lately she has been laying down almost all the time. Im worried that she's in pain. Any ideas on what it could be? Ive looked at her and nothing seems to be wrong externally.
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    Hi @HaileyBelle Can you post some pics of her legs? front and side and back standing if possible and laying down too. When she lays down does she hold her leg in normal position as her other leg? No swelling or redness? Heat in the leg. did you feel all over even up into feathers where the leg meets the body? no band stuck? How does she do in water? Could be she has a birth defect since she was doing this when you got her, hold both legs extended are they both same length?
    Can you bring her inside and give her warm water therapy and watch how she swims alot of time if they have an injury floating in some nice warm water takes the pressure off the legs and can help them to recover if an injury. I would never leave her alone in water she can float in not if she isn't walking well. She may not be able to get out on her own. Lots of questions but if we can help we need to know. Have you given your ducklings any type of Niacin> Brewers yeast, Water fowl need quite a bit more niacin than chicks and if we feed a chick starter then we need to supplement with extra niacin. You can get {plain} niacin or Brewers yeast or Nutritional yeast[never baking yeast or flush free or time released niacin ]
    And start her on it it will be good for any other ducklings you have too. It seems some duckling just need more and others show no signs of a niacin deficiency at all. Buy 125mgs of plain niacin crush up and put into the water daily till 10-12 weeks old or put 1 tab of Brewers or Nutritional Yeast into 1 cup of feed daily till same age. If it is nutritional then you should notice improvement in about a week.

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