Limping Duckling


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Feb 5, 2018
I received 6 Welsh Harlequins in the mail on Wednesday. Yesterday evening (Friday) one of them started limping and still is doing so. I couldn’t figure out the cause and the leg doesn’t look broken or deformed to my untrained eyes. She can get around ok and eat and drink. I’ve seen some advice here for older ducklings to isolate them so they heal, but I don’t know if that would be too tough on such a young one.
Thank you for any advice.
Have you started your new ducklings on Nutritional yeast, Brewers yeast or plain niacin? If you using chick starter they need this. It helps keep their legs strong and chick starter doesn't have enough niacin for water fowl.

Could someone have stepped on her sometimes littles can get trampled hopefully it's just a small sprain, as long as she isn't getting stepped on or picked on I'd leave her with the rest but if you notice her being stepped on you may want separate her with another sib to keep her company while she heals.

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