Limping hen: Update - appears to be a broken toe. Now what?

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9 Years
Apr 15, 2010
Forest Grove, OR
My girls are four years old. Today the Buff Orpington is limping badly, favoring her left side. There is no sign of bumble foot. There is no obvious swelling, or appearance of anything being broken. There is no blood, nor are there scabs. Obviously, though, there is something wrong.

She is eating and drinking normally and has laid an egg today.

Any ideas of how to help this heal when I don't even know what it is? Right now she's out in the yard with the others and moving about except with a very pronounced limp.
So, I went back out to check her again. Can't believe I missed this. Her left middle toe appears to be broken. It's bent to the side a bit and is also slightly blue.

Now what? I suppose I have to separate her. It's a small coop. Not enough room to put a small cage in the coop at night to keep them together. Right now she is in the run and the others are out in the yard and she is letting the neighborhood know how much that sucks.

If I keep her relatively still, will it heal on its own?
So…. I made a less than elegant cardboard splint and wrapped it. She's in a rabbit cage in my art studio as the cage is too big for the coop. I gave her a half a baby aspirin in yogurt.

I'm not feeling very confident about this whole thing, so I'll take any extra advice or encouragement you can offer.


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