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So my buff orpington (1 year old) had been broody so I roused her from her stupor and was cleaning the hen house when I heard a big commotion like she may have fallen down or something. I had let the girls out to range so I turned around and noticed that Buffy was now limping. She may have sprained her leg? that was yesterday and today I brought her out again to see how she walked and it does seem to be getting better but should I be trying to splint her leg or something? There is no noticeable injury except for the limp. I did notice that others suggest quarantine when there is injury but she is broody so actually just keeps to herself in one corner of the coop on a secondary roost. The other girls ignore her. Should I be doing anything else to help her heal?

If it's getting better and there is no sign of a break, I'd just let it heal on its own. You could give her some vitamins, possibly, to help her bounce back. Is it a very bad limp like she can't stand for very long, or just a slight one? Does she seem in pain if you touch her leg?
She doesn't seem to react when we touch her leg. I just noticed this thread

Could she possibly have marek's instead of just an injury? I watched her this morning and she got off her low roost to drink and eat but then promptly got back on her roost again. I thought she was sitting still b/c she was broody (and was in the nest box) but now after moving her from the nest box , she just sits on a roost all day. Is it bad to treat for marek's even if it isn't?
One of my hens recently had the same thing. She was limping but nothing bothered her when I touched, squeezed, or moved her leg. She seemed to want to lay down a lot so I just let her do what she wanted and kept an eye on her to make sure she was still eating and drinking, and now, about two weeks later, she is all better

I would suggest just keeping an eye on her and making sure it doenst look like its getting worse and that she is still eating. Hopefully she will heal on her own like mine did.

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