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    Apr 18, 2009
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    Hi there. I think this is to much of a concidence. Gerdi, my very sweet hen flew over a 5 ft. tall fence and landed on our patio. I put her back in her secure pen and did not let her out with the other girls. . about 2 hrs later I notice her limping and holding up her right leg. I brought her in and cleaned the foot and it all looked normal, no swelling, no redness or cuts. This morning I let them out and again noticed her limping and holding the foot up. When I get home I am going to inspect the foot again make sure not bumblefoot. . My question if it all looks fine, should i put her in a dog crate for a couple of days to rest her leg? She is a buff orp. and is 21 weeks old, not laying yet. New to chickens and she is my favorite girl. Any input will be helpful, thanks V[​IMG]
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    She could have strain or sprained her foot on a bad landing. As long she is eating and drinking fine, she will let that foot rest while healing.

    If not better within a week, she might have fractured it. Wrap foot or leg with tongue depressors and VEtrap.
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    Apr 18, 2009
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    :(Thank you for writing back. I got home and put her foot in warm water and really inspected it. No cuts or any signs of bumblefoot. i felt up the leg and no obvious fractures. i'm hoping just a sprain. I did put her in a crate for tonight and will let her back out with the others tomorrow
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    Hopefully it is just a sprain. [​IMG] One of our chicks this year sprained its foot/leg and was limping. She only wanted to take a couple of steps before sitting down and would sit most of the time. I let her rest inside and made sure her food and water were very close and easy to get at. In a few weeks she was back to normal and zooming around the backyard like a roadrunner!
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    If you do a search using my name and 'pelvis' or 'limp,' you'll find other threads where I've posted about this. Chickens are notorious for injuring their hips and pelvises when landing from a height, and I nursed a chicken through a broken pelvis this Spring.

    She healed up and has a very sleight limp now, bu is otherwise fine.

    I would put the bird aside for her healing, and would also make certain to put her on a very cushioned surface so she can lay without putting too much pressure on her breastbone. They can develop sores there if lying around a lot.

    Make sure she's eating and drinking, and let her guide her activity level, but don't let her up high for some time- they don't think ahead, "Oh, wait, I shouldn't jump down again- that hurt." She should be restricted from heights.

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