Lingering breathing problem in our old roo

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    We have some sort of what seems to be a mild respiratory problem going around. Chickens seem to be fine during the day (typical); but have rattlling or whistling breathing at night. We have been treating them with Terramycin for ten days; all seem to have recovered but Whitey. He is older (9 or 10 now). During the day he is fine; happy, running everywhere; eating; fighting, and having fun with the hens. At night he breathes funny; but not every night. I want to take the flock off the antibiotics, but I;m afraid to take him off. If we quarantine him I'm afraid it'll stress him out more, cause he's the boss roo and he'll fret not being able to run with the flock. He's been under a lot of stress anyway as we've gotten hit a couple of times recently by predators, and he has to deal with some new flock members. I was thinking maybe of trying Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in the water? Don't know where to get it, though, Suggestions??? Also, he has lice bad. I'm afraid to use the DE on him (he rarely dusts himself); because I don't want to add to his respiratory problems. But he needs treated with something (hopefully inexpensive) now. Suggestions for that would be appreciated, too.
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    If he will let you, try putting some sevin dust in a trash bag, put him in it, with his head sticking out. Wrap the open end of the bag around his neck fairly tight to keep dust from coming out.
    Do him like you coat chicken with flour in a zip lock bag. Move him around, getting the dust all over him. Do this again in 2 weeks.

    Do you have a health food store in your area? If they don't carry the organic ACV, they can get it for you.

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    you can also get a spray for mites in the pet store for cage birds ... ivomec Eprinex (see link) on the skin (not in the water) and an agressive clean out of the coop will help...if there is mites on one bird it will soon spread to all and most certainly will be in the coop waiting to reinfest.

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