link to our hatch this morning

Wow! cool!
it's been very cool... the whole experience. getting chicks watching them grow into adults, the first time there was an egg, getting to know them, building them their runs and coop, collecting fertilized eggs, even butchering... and now we've gone full cycle. Really cool! we are all so tired today. but it's so worth it! I homeschool my kids so we are just having science pretty much all day!
Congrats on your hatching success. It is so addicting to do. I'm on my 6th hatch this year. Next week my first Blue Giants are due to hatch and the week after some Buff Orp/Amercauna crosses. I'm curious what they'll look like and what color the eggs will be! Hope the rest all hatch well.
My last hatch I used the egg carton method for the first time and it seems they went from pip to hatch alot faster and the clean up was super easy. You might want to try it. I know it is the basis of a lot of arguments on here.
I was thinking of that.... egg cartons..... I'll have to look up more about it.

We have one maybe two more to go before we are done this hatch. Thanks you all for Watching... i didn't even think anyone would look at my posts being a newbie and all.

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