Linoleum oer concrete barn floor?


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Mar 17, 2015
Mid Michigan
I've been going back and forth over putting linoleum down over our concrete barn floor inside the coop. Its an old floor that's not really even and has some cracks and heaving... but I don't want to create a space for mice and the like to live.

I am considering using it to make a moisture barrier been the concrete floor and the bedding to aid in keeping the bedding dry... Any thoughts, suggestions?
I have a concrete floor under my chicken coop, and I don't have any problems. I would suggest using sand as bedding - I found this works better than shavings.
My coop is on an old broken concrete floor. After years of swearing as I cleaned out the bedding in spring, I added rubber floor mats (farm store, for horse stalls) over the concrete. Instant smooth dry floor, MUCH easier to strip the shavings out in spring! Worth the money, very nice. Vinyl or linoleum sheet flooring wouldn't hold up on my floor; the rubber mats are perfect. Mary

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