List of hatching questions for pheasants...please read on...


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My DH and I are planning on hatching some pheasants for the first time. Well, hatching anything for the first time, lol, and we've come up with quite a few questions. We have a little giant incubator with an automatic turner.

1. What is the proper temp?
2. Best way to control humidity?
3. How long is the incubation period?
4. We've read to start them on wild game starter, is this true?

If you've got anymore info, please help us!
Thanks for looking.
Here is a chart that lists most species of pheasant and other game fowl for incubation time periods. It varies based on species.

Temp is the same as chickens. Forced fan incubators - 99.5-100 F and Still air models - 101-102 F.

Humidity is the same for chickens. 50 relative up until the last 3 days, then increase to around 70%.

There is a game bird starter feed that provides proper protein levels for game species. I would say yes to using that. Chick feed is not nutritionally balanced for pheasant growth.

Pheasants need proper space to keep them from picking each other. Plan ahead and they fly well too. Good luck


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