List of People who will have Gamebird eggs in spring

I will have melanistic ringneck, golden, yellow golden, silver, amhearst, and maybe reeves. All of those are pheasants just so everyone knows. I might have chiloe widgeon, bahama pintail, and silver bahama pintail eggs, not sure if I will sell eggs or just hatch them and sell them as youngsters.
I will have lots for sale also...

Pheasants, Blue Melanistic Mutants, Red & yellow Goldens, Lady Amherst, Bohemian Blackneck

Partridge, Philby's, Pure Redlegs,Barbarry's,( hungarians-maybe)

Grouse, will have Ruffed Grouse, but i doubt i sell eggs...

Quail, Mountains, Blue scales,Valleys,Gambles, Orange bobs,Mex spec. bobs, Snowflake Mex spec bobs, White bobs, black masked bobs, maybe Benson Quail...
I will have cotornix, Texas A& M and jumbo ( they are pipping now!). Im hoping to find some tuxedo in the next month so If all goes well will have those too.

Also if My hatch goes ok Ill have button quail.
I sold all of my breeders, but ended up with about 50 Mex specs,25 Oranges, 12 or so Snowflakes,25Whites and a pair of Masked Bobs...
The Blue scales are No longer laying
I will send pics in another month or so if you e-mail me
I forgot to add, that I will have Darth Vadar Button eggs and a few mixed, but mostly DV.
I also Have Beautiful Barred and Black Cochins of show quaility stock and silkies, and Buff Brahmas...
The chickens, i go to shows all the time and compete with fine competition. Thanks
Dan Delaney
WHOA. What is Darth Vader? I've already got ducks called Mothra and Godzilla, I need a Darth Vader quail!!!

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