Listless and spreading wings


May 19, 2015
I've seen other posts similar to this thread, but my lady has a few unique symptoms. One day when we let the hens out to range, she jus sat in the doorway. We could pick her up, and she wouldn't fuss at all. Her eyes would close almost out of her control and she looked like she was going to pass on the spot. We isolated her in an extra coop and began giving her a little electrolytes and probiotics in her water. We watched carefully as she began drinking with a little coaxing later that day. She also does this thing where she spreads out one of her wings, almost to balance herself. She's just sort of sitting there and we have to put her food and water in front of her so she can access them. She has been eating and drinking, although reduced amounts (at least as far as food). She's been like this for almost 3-days now and is now walking, but only about 2 feet at a time and continues to hold out her wings while she walks.
We checked for mites etc. - nothing. Her crop seems to empty fine and I couldn't feel any egg stuck in her vent. Her poops are watery, but no blood. Her eyes are opened normally now, but still very lethargic and un-characteristic. The other hens are all fine. I have notcied them piling around our compost a lot lately, could this be Botulism? Would she have already passed if it was? Thanks

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