Listless Hen with Drooping Comb

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  1. Eggzellent

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    Jun 22, 2010
    My 1 yr old Barred Rock who is normally a voracious snacker . . . always one of the first to greet me and demand snacks . . . has lost her verve. Her comb tends to flop over every now and then, but it seems even floppier. I'm noticing the color around her eyes seems a little pale, too. This first happened a few days ago . . . mid-snack . . . she just stopped and walked away and layed down, wings slightly out and dropped, and she almost seemed to be straining. I, therefore watched her to see if she could be egg bound . . . but had to leave before I could do anything about it. The next morning she came rushing out of the coop as usual . . . perky and pushy. There was an egg in there, and since everyone else had layed the day before, I figured it was hers. She seemed fine for the past two days, but today she looks worse. She ate . . . snacking on a little cooked oatmeal, but wasn't her usual pushy self. Her tail is drooping, too. She gets Layena with plenty of oyster shell, is free-range on organic pasture and orchards. I clean the coop a few times per week, clean the waterer every day, and once a week I add organic apple cider vinegar. What am I missing? Anyone have any ideas why my good chicken is under the weather?
  2. NonnasBabies

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    Sep 20, 2009
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    Not sure!! Hope someone can help you!!

  3. bakohens

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    Mar 28, 2010
    Eggzellent, did you find out anything? How is she doing today? You could have been describing my 5 month old barred rock. She is not even interested in meal worms. I'm worried.

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