Listless Wellie pullet, with respiratory issues? Help!

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    She had been looking a little pale for a while, but was other wise fine. I thew them lots of arugula etc to help. She was laying down with other chickens picking at her when I found her. Her comb is bleeding, and we don't have any Blukote. What else should I do for her comb. When I picked her up, they started pecking me too! They never have pecked me! Anyway, she is breathing very heavily, and the area below her eyes puffs out every time she inhales. She also seems to be anemic. Pedialite?
    What do I do?? Why do my chickens always get stuff that makes no sense??
  2. Chicken Woman

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    Oct 16, 2008
    You can put antibiotic cream on her comb just not the kind that says releaves pain as it is toxic to chickens. I would seperate her in a cage to a warm dark quiet place away from the others. Give her some electrolytes and vitamins in her water. The kind you give to chicks. If you have chick starter I would feed that as it has more nutrition. As for the resperatory I would use VET RX.
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    Thanks! She seemed a lot better last night, reacting to my presence, eating, making a lot of noise, and breathing normally so I put her back out. (note: I wanted to isolate her longer, but I live with people who think that chickens are "just chickens" and not worth worrying about.)
    I'll get her the vitamins etc, and we didn't have any Neosporin, so I put this yellow stuff that we use on everybody else on her comb. Is that alright? I've used it on chickens before, but not in such a tender spot.
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    Oh good! I hope Ophelia will be OK.

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