Little boy and girl already acting their parts!


14 Years
Jul 14, 2008
Baltimore, MD
Last night I tried to teach my almost 6 wk old Silkie to roost (I think she must be slow or something). Anyway, she's extremely shy and not into being handled anyway, so my lesson did not go well. When I finally gave up, she ran straight to my only little cockerel, and hid behind him. He pulled himself up to full height and told me off! It was so great! Then he pecked possesively at her head, and kept guard over her as she went to sleep on the floor. After a while he went to sleep on a roost, and she found a corner of the floor to sleep on.
My two Dominques are natural roosters, they always pick the highest roost (open window door or highest roosting bar).

My Cochins act like your Silkie, they either huddle on the floor together or go up on the lowest roost (only 8" off the floor with 4-6" of bedding underneath), so it is a 2" jump. If I place them on a roost, they wait 2 seconds and jump off.

I am happy enough that they all go into the coop at night and I don't have to lift the Cochins into the coop.

My brother-in-law lives in Baltimore, my wife's family grew up in Chevy Chase and we visit every couple of years. Grandparents have retired to the Eastern Shore on the water. My wife and I just finished "The Wire" on DVD, edgy HBO crime series set in Baltimore.

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