Little Ducky MoMo


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
Tonight while closing up my ducks and geese, I witness the most hilarious thing. I have been keeping my 2 goslings and 2 ducklings out with the big ducks during the day, but closing them in the house separate from the big ducks at night. Well I had gotten the goslings and one of the ducks, but was trying my hardest to get my daughter's little snowy mallard Ducky MoMo. She is running around the pen trying her best not to go in the house. While trying to avoid me she decided that she wanted to be little miss big duck and started to follow my big fat Pekins around, quacking her loudest at them and she was actually scarring them a little. My two Pekins have to be pushing 10 pounds each, and she probably isn't even a pound! I have a feeling she is going to be the lead duck in the group.

Here is little Ducky MoMo

And here are the poor scared Pekins and Cayuga


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