Little Giant gamebird fount freezing!


Jul 1, 2020
Deep East Texas Sabine County
I recently installed one of the "red bowl" type automatic gamebird fount from Little Giant.Proffesional farm grade #2500 model. Waters up to 175 birds. This is the type that has a valve core like a tire in it to regulate pressure and water level. I have all water lines leading to it underground but the last one foot and the bowl and valve assembly are "uncovered". This is because I knew my birds would just eat the insulation. Well it only got down to 27 degrees last night and the water in the bowl and the "valve" froze up!! Any suggestions on how to keep this from happening? I realize on freezing nights I could but my old regular waterers back in the run but would really like to use the Little Giant. Plus I would have to go buy a heater for the other waterer too. Would a heat "strip/cord" work? Or would the chickens just peck it to death also? I was thinking of running a heat cord around the pvc pipe first and then wrapping with a rag and holing it in place with zip ties??


Free Ranging
Jan 27, 2020
I’ve used heater strips with mixed results. They should work at 27 degrees, though, and the hens probably won’t peck it if it’s black.

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