Little Giant Incubator with turner and thermometer with humidity.


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Feb 7, 2010
Nevada, TX
I have a little giant incubator I have had for about a year or so i just recently bought the turner to go with it. They both work fine I just recently bought a cabinet incubator from a friend so I do not need it anymore. One of the red plugs at the top is missing but I just put a piece of cotton in it. I have bleached it and it is clean and ready to go. If you have any other questions please let me know.
Does this have a fan and the plastic liner vs just the stryofoam bottom?? Thanks.
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I have a reserve on this but if it is not met and comes close to it I will still sell it.
There are no cracks or anything in it. It is a little dusty an a few old stains. But it is clean and works great I also have the manuals to it.

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