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I have a LG incubator,does not have fan ,anyone have any tips for using it? I do have a turner for it. Debating to try dry incubation or not. Thanks for info.
Just keep the water rings filled and run it at a constant temperature - I found a lizard thermometer with the probe on a long cord worked better then the one with it, though I don't use the egg turner either. I also glued a piece of wood on the temperature knob to make it easier to adjust.

Good luck!

You'll find lovers and haters of the LG on here... personally I've had good luck with it. Some gal wrote a great 'how to', if you do a search for Little Giant Incubator it should come up.
From experience:
Throw away the thermometer it came with. Get a water-wiggler or have a temperature probe at egg level.
Be sure to have it in a room with little temperature variation - right now mine is in my parent's basement.
Get it up and running a week before you put eggs in it. It takes awhile to stabilize.
Filling the bottom with rocks, pebbles, glass beads, etc (as a 'heat sink') - will help with temp swings.
Dry incubation is your friend
Turn the knob a HAIR, then WAIT!
Watch for a temp decrease when you take out the auto-turner.

That's all I can think of for now!
Good luck!
ChooksChick is the one who made the cheat sheet for incubating with an LG. I use it every time I use mine and it works like a charm. The more draft free your space is the better the LG will work. Many people use a basement or closed because there are no drafts and it works better when the temp of the room stays steady.

Here is the link to her sheet
i have a lg with the egg turner in it what i did was put in a pc fan it really does help it to keep a even temp you can find them at any pc shop for around 12 to 15 bucks i put mine in and used a old cell phone charger to run the fan it works great some time soon im picking up a second one to use as a hatcher that way i wont have to sit on top of it when i take my eggs out of the turner and i can also run some stagered hatches that way too

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