Little hen not doing so hot...

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  1. JeninMN

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    Apr 3, 2008

    One of our hens has something going on with her...

    She is our smallest..she is so light when we pick her up its like nothing is there..she has always been this way...good color, etc but just has always been very light.

    I have noticed that the Roo's are always "on" her...I dont know if this has something to do with it or not.

    This morning when I went out she was on the floor lying on her side and basically just wanting to sleep..but didn't look good. This is how I have found her recently after the Roos have been at her also. the Roo that is always after her was right there so I put her up on one of the shelves and looked her over..I dont' notice ANYTHING wrong with her...but she was leaning to the one side and her little feet are like they don't want to hold her up...she did eat a tiny bit...then shut her eyes again and tucked her head way under...

    Everyone else is completely symptoms of anything going on with anyone...including her except that she is doing this...

    I know we have to get rid of a couple roos this week..we have pretty well determined which 2 have to go. I wanted to make sure which ones were the culprits so we didn't get rid of our good ones.

    Help?!? I'm just sick about you think something is wrong with her or are the roo's causing this possibly??????
  2. If you've noticed the Roosters "on" her that much, and it seems to be a problem, why haven't you removed her from the pen?

    You should take her out immediately, put her in another pen by herself, give her electrolytes and see if she perks up. If she doesn't then you need to investigate further.
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  3. Bi0sC0mp

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    Apr 21, 2008
    sounds like for one cause of her size her being so litte the roos are basicly wearing her out and she cant take it and has no energy.. so what i would try it this put her in a pen a cage something all by herself and give her some Pedolyte can get it at walmart any supermarket.. try this and see if it helps her any.. keep us updated.. good luck with your poor hen
  4. JeninMN

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    Apr 3, 2008
    it is generally when I go in there with them that i notice that happening..its like they turn into a free for all in there when we go in...this started witin the last week. It is 2 of our 4 roos but we wanted to be certain which ones and that it was for certain they need to go. We'll take care of them now that we are....
  5. chickenlady

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    Aug 28, 2007
    Stillwater, NJ
    It is not just when you are there, roos do this 24/7, just because you dont see them doesnt mean its not happening. Separate this poor girl.
  6. JeninMN

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    Apr 3, 2008
    will do, thanks everyone!!

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