Little Pig! Little Pig! Little Pig!!! You are going to Piggy JAIL!


10 Years
Mar 30, 2009
South Alabama
My girls did a really good job on carving some jack-o-lanterns the other day. I put them on my door steps and they looked really nice.

Well, I go out this morning to find my pumpkins scattered and half eaten and there is my little PBP happily eating away our pumpkin jack-o-lanterns!!!


I read her her rights and put her in piggy jail! That stinker!!!!

Mine have been escaping lately and roaming my road!

My neighbor called and was like "I hear grunting outside my window...are you missing a pig?"
My PBP wouldn't eat the pumpkin! Two of my nephews brought them home and wanted to put them on the porch, I told them it was not a good idea, I was sure Hilda would eat them, and if not her the goats. We had them a few days then offered them to the pig, and she's completely not interested!
I feel your pain! I went and harvested the last of the squash. Zucchini, butternut and pumpkin.

They are supposed to cure for awhile outside in the sun (except the zukes)

The next thing I know I have zucchini guts all over the place. But my piggies were the geese.

Darn geese. They have acres of grass and weeds and they ate my squash instead.
I'll bet piggy was thrilled when she found the pumpkins! Mine have been going into the squash patch and tasting each squash. There is a whole row that the two of them went down and just took a taste of every squash.

I grow the giant pumpkins and will put a few back in the pasture for the pigs, goats, chickens, turkeys and pony to work on. It's an interesting progression. Usually the goats will start skinning the outside, then a pig will come along and open up a hole where the pumpkin has already been skinned. Then everything starts eating around the hole. In the meantime the goats are standing on top of the pumpkins, playing king of the hill and eventually it breaks open and the chickens and turkeys have a free for all with the seeds. These pumpkins weigh a couple of hundred pounds. It keeps them all busy for about a week.
tsk tsk next time you will be kind enough to get her her own pumpkin LOL
thats too funny, poor piggy was only eating the treat you left just for her
LOL yeah, she is a little pig too. Ate 2 big ol pumpkins right by her piggy self! LOL

I let her out of piggy jail though. She was oikin' like she was sorry so I forgave her
Too funny! my chickens love the pumpkins. Only if we break them open for them, though. The pig will chew on it a little bit, but will only eat it all if we cook it...I think he's spoiled!

I had the squash problem with my horse! She got in there and tasted every single yellow squash! Big horsey teethmarks in them all!
Then, on about half of them, she'd yank them out of the ground and toss them, because she didn't like them!
If you don't like them, the next one isn't going to taste any better!!!


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