little tiny red mites


8 Years
Mar 18, 2011
Laurens SC
hi .. dot he little tiny mites on chickens, get on people or are they species specific to chickens..
We had a big big storm here and I wasnt home to get my little ones in and one is not doing well, got her in the house with me on a warm rice pack, and she is breathing again and will peep , now a bit rattley when she breaths but at least breathing, ( she was under one of the older girls and the ground was cold and wet. Anyway i have found that she has tiny little teeny red mites on her.. a couple got on me and bit but got them off but will they get on the dogs and on us? there is no way I would stress her will a flea tick mite bath now but will keep her separated in a box over night.

sure would appreciate the help, Im all itchty scratchy just thinking about it..
they will crawl around a bit but they are species specific. I had a horrible battle with them last fall. If you have Adam's flea and tick spray it will kill them as will seven dust. I highly reccomend treating your entire flock. If the are on one bird they will be on more and they CAN kill chickens. The mites are red because they are full from drinking chicken blood.
I dont have Adams but I do have some frontline spray.. would that work as well.. and yeah I need to spray them all.. dont want biting bugs on my babies..

You can use the frontline pump spray and it will work well, but do NOT spray it on your birds - an overdose can kill them! Apply with a syringe in drops onto the skin. I use .5 cc. (1/2 cc) for a full grown bantam, maybe a tiny bit more for a LF. Put one drop on the neck, one under each wing, one by the oil gland and the rest in drops around the vent (part the feathers so the frontline goes onto the skin). Be sure they are in a well ventilated area after being dosed. This should kill the mites and last for about a month. Red mites will get on people and other domestic pets and they BITE - ouch! They cannot reproduce without a feathered host, but they can certainly become a nuisance. There have been instances of houses becoming inundated by mites because of bird nests built in the eaves, so do your best not to let them get out of control on your birds. Good luck.
good to know.. and yeah those little buggers bite.. cant believe that something so small can be felt. I'll get the bottle out and the syring and get everyone done.. I dont want bugs thats for sure...

thanks )O(

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