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Feb 10, 2018
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I am not sure this would count as hobby, but electronics and gadgets are my hobby. Anyhow, I love the little birdies that live in my backyard. So far, I haven't run electricity to the coop because there is no need for it and I have been adding solar lights around the coop and run so I can see if anyone is lurking around that shouldn't. Raccoons, off-leash dogs and neighbourhood kids are the most likely trespassers.

I would like to add a camera to the run and/or the coop to keep an eye on them. Besides, I miss them when I'm at work. Has anyone done something like that? If so, what camera, software did you use? If I'm being honest, the camera is just for my enjoyment, but it's a fun little hobby to cobble together electronics and software for a fun use.


Jun 7, 2018
NW Oregon
I have two cameras in the coop, one in the run and one on the side of the house to cover the exterior of the coop. Overkill, I know, but I do love my tech. :D I had originally only put one camera in the coop so I could check on the chicks at night when we first moved them out, to put my mind at ease. Silly little things decided to sleep in the tiny (less than one square foot) blind spot right below the camera. :rolleyes: So I added a second to eliminate all blind spots inside, then expanded to the outside. I can now see the entire interior and all of the exterior except for under the raised coop. Guess where they like to hang out? :lau Yep, I'll be adding a fifth camera.

As for the cameras, I went with a Reolink NVR (network video recorder) system. They offer a decent selection of cameras with a good range of price and feature points. I also like the flexibility of using WiFi, LAN or PoE (Power over Ethernet) cameras, depending on what works best in each location. I've found the cameras themselves to be good quality and reliable for the most part. (If you want info on specific models I've tried, let me know.) The mounting bracket for a couple of the PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras I got is a little less sturdy than I would like. Apparently, they aren't designed to support a chick perching on top of the camera. :rolleyes: Neither the bracket nor the camera was actually damaged by the incident though. The camera simply ended up giving me a very close-up shot of the bedding in the coop. :lau

I have struggled a bit with the recording settings. When set to motion only, they don't seem to always record when they should and I can't figure out why. So, I have mine set to record 24/7. With the 3 tb NVR, that works just fine. As the disk fills up, it will overwrite the oldest recordings, but I have three weeks worth of footage on four cameras stored so far with space left. That is more than adequate for my needs. The storage is expandable for those who require it.

I totally get what you mean by this being a hobby. I do NOT need all these cameras, though I suspect if we ever did have a predator incident, I would be grateful for the ability to review what happened from all angles. In the meantime, it is fun and gives me the ability to check in on the flock when simply walking out and looking isn't an option. My hubby also uses it to watch the chickens when he is at work. Apparently, he misses them, too. :)

The NVR also allows me to review nighttime footage to see if any predators have been prowling about. So far, all I've seen is mice, though I know we have larger concerns all around us. They just aren't approaching the coop, for some reason ... yet. However, when they do, I will know. ;)


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Jul 24, 2014
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We started years ago with samsung cameras. They died last year and I switched to one of our ARLO six pack for the house. I JUST replaced that camera with two WYZE cameras. They both have cases, but are not weather tight.

One is inside the coop, and the other is in the dry protected portion of the run.


Aug 8, 2019
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My Coop
My Coop
Very cool thread folks.

I'm going to be doing 'something' within the next 12 odd months or less.
(Rolls eyes at self) yeah, that's a vague deadline eh?

What ever route I dive into will need to be secure link web accessable for our cell phones.

We have a lake house so i'll want to set up viewing of lake house from afar and main home from afar as well. And would also like to be able to WiFi view while in home too.... Butidigress

I will be researching the wyse & OP brand as well now.

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