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why not just let the lizard go? Its not like your birds need to have it. Or is it that you really want to see it get killed? Jeffery Dahlmer started like that.
My chickens eat lizards every day during the warm parts of the year and I wished they didn't. The lizards do a great job at keeping down the flies.
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My girls would eat every lizard around if I fed them to them. I don't cause lizards are so beneficial to the garden & everywhere else. They eat all sorts of nasty bugs.
Let the poor lizard go! Many Lizards are endangered and they also do a great job in your garden eating insects pests.

It is very cruel if you just want to enjoy seeing it get killed. What sort of person does that?!
It would probably be best to let the lizard go and if your chickens find it, they'll find it. If they don't, then they don't. Usually if I find frogs or anything else(other than bugs or snails), I release it and leave it to chance.
Lizards carry salmonella and as such handling them or having them walk on your food can pose a health hazard to humans. However, I don't know if chickens can pick up salmonella from eating a lizard. That said, I'm not sure how you could keep a chicken from eating one if it was able to catch one, but I'm not sure I would go out of my way to feed one to a chicken because of the possible salmonella infection it could cause.
my chickens eat lizards and frogs that they can catch when free ranging (only a few because they are fast) but I never catch any for them to eat.....I feed them worms and mealys that are raised for them to eat....and we need the frogs and lizards in the yard to eat the mosqitoes and such.

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