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    Adopted Chickenman Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 12, 2010
    [​IMG] Hey, signing in from North West corner of Arkansas (NWA), more specifically Rogers. Anyone out there near by? Just started raising chickens last March and I now have five layers (pullets) at 28 weeks and 6 chicks at 10 Weeks. If you look at the bottom of my input, you can see that eack of my 11 chickens are a different breed. The reason you may ask is my wife said so. This way, she and I can tell them apart from each other. And it really works. By the way, each chicken has her own name; Buffy = Buff Orpington, Red = Rhode Island Red, Agnes = Australorp, Piper = Plymouth Barred Rock, Ester = Easter Egger, Buttercup = Buff Chancelor, Dixie = Delaware, Sadie = Speckled Sussex, Sparkles = Silver Cuckoo Maran, Wendy = Welsummer, and Snowball = White Plymouth Rock. Hope to start up some dialog with someone near by. Take Care and Always have a Sunnyside Up Day. Adopted Chickenman (Marty)

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