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Apr 19, 2014
So we are getting 11 chicks wed! I'm going to have them in a extra large storage container with heat lamp and probably a chicken wire roof. I'm wondering if they will be safe on my front porch? We will. Lose off the entryway (top of the stairswith chicken wire as well as the bit of space between the floor and wall the pt h is covered but there are windows about waist hight (but pretty far off the ground)
Think that's safe? It still can get cold here at night is the heat lamp enough?
Well there are a lot of people who have them in a shed
or out in the garage so I guess the front porch is good
just want to make sure predators cant get to them ....

What size is your heat lamp
If your coop is built raise them in there. Use the setup your putting on the porch only put it in the coop. A heat lamp is plenty warm enough. I raised mine out in my coop in march with a 100 watt flood light. I had many nights drop into the teens and they did fine.
My husband is working on repairing the coop but its not ready yet (mold/mildew smell and not fully predator safe)

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