Lock down tonight.


9 Years
Apr 14, 2010
Johnson City, Tn
Well after 18 days of incubation, my eggs go into lock down tonight. The humidity has been running stable but the temperature has been running a little low due to the poorly designed thermostat of the top hatch incubator. By the end of the weekend I'll learn just how well things turn out.
Good luck with your hatch!
Well... I thought lock down tonight. Before doing anything we went through and candles all of the eggs. None of the eggs is is even close enough to being mature to hatch on day 21. 12 of the 43 were either infertile or died early on so we pulled them and are disposing of them. The rest seemed to be close to day 11 to 14 according to the egg candling pictures posted in the sticky. We were pretty bummed that they were delayed as they were due to a ROTTEN thermostat in a somewhat pricey incubator <cough> Top Hatch <cough>. I am seriously disappointed with the device.

Anyway. There were some bright spots. We saw some of the embryos kick around a bit inside of the eggs. We'll give it until Friday and check again to see if they have advanced and then lock them down if needed.

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