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Mar 24, 2013
Banner, Wyoming
YIPEEEEEE!!!! super excited!! Its lockdown day here in Katy Tx.
Fingers Crossed!!

~ Adrienne
Good luck with the hatch! Hope you wind up with lots of cute little Serama chicks!
BUGGLESMOMMY:::: Im so nervous, the more i research, the more i freak myself out. Im totally new to this, but did hatch a few cream leg bars, last week, after 2 failed incubator mishaps.. that was exciting.. but the seramas i hear are a bit harder.. and aren't the easiest.. but i have every finger and toe crossed.. lol I will need to open the bator slightly, to add water.. im open for any tips.. i see your from Louisiana, so our weather is the same.. maybe what wks for u, is the same for me...
btw, i grew up in Slidell.. WHO DAT! :))
I've read that serama eggs are harder to hatch, but I have hatched them 3 times so far and never personally had an issue. I normally incubate at 100 degrees and 35 humidity and 65 humidity at hatch.

I hope to get some hens from this upcoming batch! First hatch I had 2 eggs and got 1 hen, 1 rooster.
The second batch I got ONLY roosters
. I have 4 chicks from my last batch and I'm really hoping 3/4 will be pullets, though can't say for certain yet. 1 is definitely a cockerel. I'm getting 30 eggs shipped so hopefully with a large number of eggs, I can have some girls.

Here is my girl from my first hatch, though at 9 months old has yet to lay...

Congrats on the legars!!!! I REALLY want some.

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