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    I have three Frizzle eggs locking down this morning in a still air. The trays are full, the paper towels on the grate are damp from the water underneath, and the eggs are rocking.

    What is the optimum temp/humidity and can I set the eggs directly on the damp paper towels? I have them in an upside down styrofoam egg carton top now. Is that better than directly on the paper towels?
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    Jun 27, 2010
    I just hatch mine on the wire grate in the bottom, dont know about putting towels over the water troughs never done that. temp. on still air is 101 at the top of the egg, I run 65%-70% at lock down.
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    Paper towels are going to wick the water up from the wells and take the water faster. I would not se them for lockdown. They tend to dry out in a matter of a few hours and then your water is gone.
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    Quote:Still air temp 101.5 to 102. Yes, correct, on the egg carton is better than directly on the wet paper towels.

    Good luck on your hatch!

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