Lockdown Temp with/without fan?


7 Years
Jul 13, 2012
Today is day 20 on 7 eggs in the bator. The first 18 days the eggs were in a havobator with auto turner and fan and kept at a stead 99.5- 99.8. I have moved them to a hatcher which is a little giant, it has a fan but I turned it off for hatching. The temp is a steady 100 degree's and my question is should I leave fan on to keep the temp steady in the bator or should I leave it off. If off is 100 a good enough temp. I can only seem to get it to stay at either 100 or 102. I have both vent holes open and the eggs are in a plastic egg carton. Any advice would be helpful!
I would turn the fan on for hatching. I actually feel it is the time they need the air circulation the most, as they need a lot of ventilation (fresh air) for hatching, and the fan helps to draw in fresh air, in addition to stabilizing out the temperatures.

Little Giants can be hard to stabilize temp so I would go with the lower temp rather than higher if your choice is between say 100 and 102.

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