lockdown tomorrow, please help!


11 Years
Nov 6, 2008
im really nervous and excited. should i put paper towels over the metal wire on the floor of the incubator? wont that mess with the humidity?

i have a hovabator.

I lie them all on their sides, correct?

can i take them all out and candle them before i go into lock down, or should i not let them cool down that much?

Yes, you can candle them before lockdown, in fact it is best so you can get rid of the quitters that may explode. You lay them on their sides, or you can put them in egg cartons (no tops) - the prevents hatched chicks from rolling the unhatched eggs all over the bator.
should i put paper towels on the bottom or will that mess with humidity?
Some people use paper towels, but I think they are too slick for the babies to try and move around on. I don't put anything down - my hatching tray the holes are not very big at all, so they are fine with just that.

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