Lockdown tonight with broody hatching along


10 Years
Jul 30, 2009
South Beloit, IL
I locked down 22 eggs tonight, 6 BBS Ameraucauna, 7 Delaware, 3 Coro Sussex, 4 Speckled Sussex, 1 BBS Orpington, and 1 mutt egg left out by my broody.

My Broody is on 5 barnyard mutt eggs that I gave up and let her set on because she has been broody since MAY!!! She started with 7, I candled at 10 days and 6 were developing. Yesterday I found one pushed off to the side and it was cold. I took it inside and there was movement, so I through it in the 'bator.
She should hatch in conjunction with the incubator eggs.

I should have chicks Friday or Saturday. My last hatch had all the chicks hatch a day earlier than I expected.

I can't wait!!!


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