lockdown? will increase in humidity change my temp?


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Feb 18, 2010
I am day 18 just went to lockdown. I was at 45-50%, and temps were good. I have a lg 9200. I have decieded not to pull the second plug, as I self installed a computer fan, and the air blows right out of it. I have raised the humidity to 75%. I have read this changes the temps? I hate to touch the dial because It took me so long to get it just right. does anyone know?
Also anyone have an easy way to refill the water in the rings without opening up? My house is dry, and the water only lasts 2 days. I wonder if I just refill it quickly on day 20 it will be fine?

7 out of 15 made it this far, going to see how many hatch! this is our first time....
You will be fine. Don't touch. Go for a walk and buy some gum.

Edited: It is so dry here, all my hatches are dry hatches. I usually take a washcloth soaking wet, and place it in a bowl. That will keep your humidity up for 3 days or so. Plus it is easy to wash!
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I use a syringe (I think it is 35cc) with aquarium air tubing attached to it and put it through the vent to refill or add water as needed to keep my humidity up during lockdown. That way I don't have to open up my LG.
over an hour and temps still hovering around 98. I hate to touch the thermostat, but how long do I need to wait for the temp to come up? The washcloth idea sound simple and easy. thanks.
DOnt touch the thermostat. It will fix.

You can also put that washcloth and bowl in the microwave for 30-45 seconds. It will get it nice and steamy , and make up for you opening the incubator.
I use a funnel and a straw taped to the end of the funnel. I pull one plug and place the straw thru the opening and add water into the funnel. I also add two small sponges to the side of the rings and wet those too. Good luck.
Thanks for the support! I needed someone to tell me not to touch the thermostat. temps eventually came back. thanks all.

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