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    Feb 15, 2016
    So I started out with ten eggs from my own flock. Then I added 10 eggs that I bought two days later. After that my grandpa gave me two bantam eggs that he wanted to hatch, but that was about 6 days after I added the ones I bought. I know that I'll have to hand turn the bantam eggs once I put the original ones on lockdown..but should I hand turn the ones I bought for two extra days? Or would they be fine to start lockdown early?

    Also how do you hand turn eggs? I'm new at this so sorry if that was an obvious question..[​IMG]

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    Eggs do not NEED to be turned after 2 weeks, I actually stop turning at the end of day 13 so that on days 14/15 when they start their turn to the fat end, they are at rest. So the eggs that are 2 days behind won't need to be turned. The bantams I would turn for a couple more days after your lockdown day, They will probably be fine to stop turning once you see your first pip in the first ones. I would not ever suggest, especially to a newbie to do a staggered hatch because they can be a pain and you can't offer each clutch the optimal conditions, especially where humidity is concerned, but it is what it is.

    Turning, I'm assuming you'll have them laying down? Just carefully roll them to the opposite side they are on. Next turn, roll them back. Easy. [​IMG]

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