Jun 18, 2016
Kent, England
Hi, I have 8 runner duck eggs and 2 cayuga duck eggs on day 24, I've candled today and all are moving. Tomorrow is lockdown, just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice? Is 65% humidity good for duck eggs for lockdown? If it goes higher would that be ok? Im at work all day so was thibking if I make it higher then by the time it drops I should be home from work. I've got sponges, spray bottle, egg cartons, cloths, tubing for adding water through vent hole - anything else that I may need? Im going to place the two cayuga eggs in cut down egg cartons as they both have saddle shaped air cells. For the others when I lay them down do I need to put a certain side up, in relation to the air cell? When should they pip internally? I have a brinsea octagon - do I need to lay the bottom (where the eggs are) with anything to stop the ducklings from slipping when hatched? Anything else?
Thank you in advance 

I've hatched duck eggs in similar incubator at around 65% humidity and they did well, 100% hatch. It's great incubators! When you lock down, remove the egg tray and put a wash-up cloth, one of those flimsy types (use a NEW one!) over the water wells, dipping it a bit into the wells. Now keep that cloth damp and the wells filled. This will bump your humidity up a treat and keep it fairly high.

When you lay the eggs down for hatching it doesn't matter how you do it, just let them settle flat. The ducklings will wiggle and roll them around anyway, when they get going.

My ducks eggs were due on day 25, started pipping internally on day 24, hatched 2 days later, one pipped on day 25/26 and took 3 days to hatch.

Keep us posted!

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