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9 Years
Aug 7, 2010
I went on lockdown today!!! I candled them for the last time today, and they are all good and moving around! But, I have one who looks like it's only on day 15 or something! Half the egg is still veins and space... Is this normal? None of the other's look like this. They all look dark except for a little bit of veins next to the air cell.
it's been 2 hours and the temps wont stabilize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first it went down to 97, so i brought it up. then it went to 103 so i brought it back down a tiny bit. then it went to 95!!! then 102, then 96, and i kept changing it!! IT WONT STAY AT 99!!! now, it was 97, so i brought it up, but now its not changing at ALL....
Do not panic i had one like that i went into lock down yesterday im pretty sure it's dead but i kept it in just in case i would do the same see if it hatches hope all goes well!!!
we went into lockdown today, as well. 15 royal palms (turkeys) due saturday afternoon, and around 10 light x coro sussex sunday morning

the incubator is my dad's (as well as the turkeys), and the sussex are mine, but the incubator is at my dad's house (only quarter mile away). so, i do not have it sitting there tempting me to take a peek

(it's an old redwood cabinet style, so there is no peeking through the glass, there are 4 trays stacked on top of each other)
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One thing I learned on my 2nd hatch was not to adjust the temp for at least 24 hours after going into lockdown. If you have a turner & take it out, the bator has a lot more air space to warm than it did before. Definitely don't adjust the temp especially if you have a styrofoam bator.. I learned this the hard way when I freaked out & cranked up the temp after going into lockdown. I killed all of my chicks & I was heartbroken. I just went into lockdown tonight & my temp is only like 96.. It was only 90 when I finally put the lid back on. If it's still low (or high) tomorrow morning then you should adjust it. For now just leave it alone & check back in a few hours if possible to make sure youre not baking your eggs like I did last time. Good luck and I have my fingers crossed for you darlin. Hopefully we both have some chicks hatching soon!

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