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It's All About Chicken Math
12 Years
Apr 29, 2007

I went down to check on the "kids" after work and to see how we made out at the show.
I wanted to be there, but couldn't get off work early in the day for the judging.

I took 9 chickens

All but 2 did good.

3 Buff Orpingtons , 1 Cockerel got Best Variety & Best of Breed

Mottled Houdan (my beloved Larry) Champion-Continental, Best Variety & Best of Breed

Silver Phoenix (Barney) Champion - AOSB , Best Variety & Best of Breed

Silver Lakenvelder Pullet (Lucy) Best Variety & Best of Breed

Silver Lakenvelder Cockerel (Ricky) Reserve Variety

White Bantam Cochin Cockerel (Uno, my sweetie) Best Variety & Best of Breed

Bantam BBR Phoenix (Buster) Best Variety & Best of Breed


I thought for a first show we did well.....
I think I have decied to keep Barney too, his comb has straightened, is it ok to breed him to a Gogane/Leto baby? Or is that a freaky color genetics no no?

I will be taking Gogane next month and in November to some one day shows, I will let you knw how he does.
They divided this show into younger and older birds, everything I had was Cockerels & Pullets. There were several older Buffs that were Show Champions and some LF Cochins that did well.

Beth told me that the judge really liked my young Buff Cockerel that did good, now I am re-thinking selling him.
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