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I'm contemplating the purchase of a log splitter, & have the candidates pretty well narrowed down to Huskee or Troy-built. Most reviews I've seen so far seem to favor the Toy-bilts. Comments welcome & appreciated.
Not sure what size you are considering.
I have used a 5 or 7 ton electric splitter, and here is my opinion.
The splitter was only good for small diameter logs. It was a pistol trying to do larger OD logs. Did not have sufficient power to split those. Small logs I could do with a Ax . I also do have wedges and such.
Went out and got a manual 10 ton. It has a hydraulic jack operation. Does my larger OD logs quite well. It is not a fast operation.
If you are trying to split small OD logs into nice 1/4 size, for your fireplace, then the electric will work.
I only need to split logs that will not fit into my wood stove. The tree trunk stock from large trees. Have always enough small branch stock around.
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Whites, the only person I notice ever making mention of splitting a lot of wood is Mountain Margie over in the cafe thread. Maybe you can try there if you have no luck here

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