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    I had to build a brooder yesterday, well another brooder. I have a dog crate brooder, well two dog crate brooders, one large, one giant, and a 5x6x5 brooder in the well house. I was notified that my over 20 turkey eggs were mostly fertile at 25 days and began hatching on the 26th day.

    Add to that my seven poults and rock chicks have gotten to almost four weeks and are getting huge, and Laura said I couldn't bring 20 poults in the house for brood - dunno whynot.... maybe for a few days.

    And well all the other brooders were well... full.

    The turkeys and rock chicks, were in with the week old bantam brahmas and PR and BR/PR chicks. And it was getting crowded and the wellhouse, well it's full, even if they do free range all day and some now sleep with the chickens and some in the turkey coop. Most of them want their brooder at night.

    So I had pallets saved toward a pallet shed... Okay two pallets, the bigger ones, they're roughly 48 x 56. 10 2x4 x 4's from Home Depots scrap for sale (50 cents each) 5$, chicken wire I already had, part of a pallet box for the gate, hinges 2.50$, tarps I already had, plastic I already had and one spare pressure treated for the front nearest the weather. All of it screwed and stapled so that I can recycle it all when I'm not... umm .. in need of it... Yeah that.

    And in I move the turkeys, halos black and blue rocks and my PR chick the same age. LOL they're flying all over the place. Quite happy for the room and it's big enough I can step in and sit with them. Of course I am then covered in happy poultryettes. I can't do anything in their without being tweeted and wheated and jumped on and cuddled with. I think that' s supposed to be a bad thing. I did have to buy another brooder light but I moved the unused outdoor heated kennel pad into the large brooder to give them the option of just lying on it to get warm. I set it at 90, I'll adjust it later. LOL I have to go in to do that, they'll be happy. They are so darn spoiled.

    Did I mention the nearly 20 coming? I wonder if I can spoil them as rotten? Should be fun. I'll take brooder pics later. Man I got hot, darn humidity and rain. It could stop any minute now.
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    I feel your pain, Man. When I ordered chicks 3 weeks ago, I said, Oh lets get a few Orps. Maybe some Austrolorps. Gotta have Barred rocks, and lets try a few white rocks. Let's not forget Araucanas. You know, a few Jersey Giants would be cool! And wyandottes are pretty birds.
    I ended up ordering 50. Some are supposed to be for meat, but S.O. says awww, they're so cuuutttee!!!How are we possibly going to eat them?!? Oh let's not forget about the 20 that are out in the coop already..................

    I guess there will be another coop going up this summer.....
    What are you going to do with all those birds??
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    Most of the Plymouth Rock pullets will be kept for grow out - in all the colors, lol. And the two best Roos in Partridge and blue or black.

    The Delawares will be sorted to four.

    The turkeys to around ten.

    The banty brahma hens will be kept.

    I think the sizzles are going, they're a little too hard to tell apart - okay they're a LOT hard to tell apart.

    My main flock is a project of Partridge Rocks, with a side helping of the other colors. Since they're my project flock I'm keeping the best males in the colors I want around and selling all others. Fall is the first gen of Delaware to Rock for size.

    I have my first PR gen. and my first PR/BR birds on the ground now. They'll be culled HARD for type. I need size, and tail set, then working on everything else.

    So probably 2/3 of what is on the ground or due, will be sold. In general that's my cull rate 2/3 to 3/4 over a six month period. Some sooner some later. Then settle them in over winter and do it most of it in spring.

    I'll have a rock rainbow, Dels, some broodies of different breeds and a bunch of BR and Calico turkeys but they'll seem like a few after the spring crunch.

    I just wish it would stop raining so I can get to chores and building.

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