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I plan on getting a duckling to raise with some baby chicks. I know there are many sides to raising ducks with chickens. Nonetheless, I really want to do this. I LOVE ducks and would have a bunch of them, if I had more space for their messiness. I really don't want two ducks. I'm hoping by just getting one, the mess will be more minimal. The chicks will be coming from MPC. The duckling most likely from my feed store. I won't be able to get the baby chicks till about late March. The ducklings will be offered at the feed store as early as this week. I have a brooder already set up. Since I only want to get one duck, will it be ok for awhile by itself in the brooder, or is that too long for him to not have any companions? I know lone chicks can be VERY noisy. Is it the same for ducklings?

In my limited experience, the cry of the single duckling is heart-wrenching. Happily, it only happens when the last duckling is waiting to be transported to where everybody else was just "air-lifted."

(I have 15.)
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Yes, our single hatchlings were always very loud and lonely. They will bond with you, but you need to hold them a lot. You can try the same thing as with chicks, a stuffy and a mirror. Our australian spotted was in a hamster cage type of thing and he would literally jump up out of the cage to get to us, even at a few days old. Super cute!

Be cautious with chicks and ducks simply b/c it's very easy for the ducks (even one) to get the entire cage wet and get the chicks very chilled. (BTDT. It did work, but it required more cleaning more often from me.)
Thank you for the words of encouragement. I am a stay at home mom, so I should be able to pack it around alot. I am a little worried about night time, though. As for it getting it's cage wet, is that just from the waterer? I didn't think they are supposed to get really wet (like swimming) till there adult feathers are in. Sorry for the stupid question, but I'm assuming the "stuffy" is a stuffed animal?

Thanks again!
No on the swimming, but ducks have to swish their beaks in water when they eat to help swallow, etc. and they tend to make it a big mess. Pine cheaps (never cedar) can help control the wet somewhat, but you have to keep on top of it. Make sure the waterer is deep enough for them to get their mouths down in to do that, but not so deep that the chicks can drown in it.

Yes, stuffed animal. :) Something fluffy that it can cuddle with.

Good luck!
Well, some good news. Found out today that the feed store should continue to get ducks through April. Not sure why I thought they only had them through March. Now I don't have to worry about the little duckling being alone.

Thanks for all the advice.

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