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May 18, 2017
I have recently started my flock with 5 different breeds of bantams. I bought some americaunas and silver pheonex by breed, but the rest were assorted. I have narrowed down one variety to buff cochin, and thought I also had brown cochins until I noticed an extra toe on the darker ones. But then I have one lone chick that I have named after my sister because he is odd. Every time I think I have figured him out I learn of a new breed that he could be.
Sorry for the picture quality. He is my garden minion and follows me everywhere, but seems to be very aware of when I have my camera out.
This is one of the ones with the extra toe. They have feathered legs, and the slightly older ones ate starting to get darker heads and more white spots on the wing feathers.
Any help in identifying these little guys would be very helpful. Im not really worried about what they are or aren't, but my brain won't let me seem to rest until I figure it out.

I am not sure what you have there.
Others may be able to chime in.
First pic is a BB Red OEG cockerel. The other is a Red Cochin but the extra toe could point to some crossing back in his lineage or could just be a genetic fluke.
Thanks! I was thinking some sort of old english for the first when he was little. I dont think the other is a fluke though, I have 8 of those all with the extra toe and at least two different hatch dates.
Maybe Favorelle? They have extra toes...Can't remember if they have feathered legs or not. Sultan's have extra toes and feathered legs but I don't know what they look like as I've never had any.

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