Lonely Chick


14 Years
Aug 6, 2008
New York
Well folks so far out of one dozen Sebright eggs, I only had one hatch. You know that chicks hate to be alone. As luck would have it, she has accepted a stuffed AFLAC duck as her mother. Thank God, as you know how they complain if they feel alone!

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The lonely chick update. So far this chick now likes her stuffed AFLAC duck mother and me. I have other birds that she can hear sing, so I think that is why she is so comfortable.
I took a few pictures today.


I raised a one day old chick with me for a mommie and a feather duster to sleep under, and it worked out great. The only drawback was the fact you had to be with her 23/7 (I got a 1 hour lunch break
) Oh yes she cried if I had to leave her alone....but I fortunetly was able to take her with me pretty much everywhere. It was SO worth the effort, she was totally devoted to me, followed me like a dog, liked car rides, riding on my shoulder, wait a minute here, this sounds more like a dog?!? Actually, she turned out just fine, when she was 2 months old I acquired a 1 month old chick that had gotten beat up by his "cell mates" so she had a pal then. This was "PET" chicken in the truest sense of the word.

YOUR BABY IS TOO ADORABLE! There outta be laws for being so gosh darn cute
Best of luck to you with your sweetie!
Thanks for a great story. The one great thing is this chick does not call out at all. She can hear my other birds (finches) and I guess that is cool with her. I have seven Sebrights expected to hatch by Saturday, so she may have some cell mates after all.

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