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Nov 8, 2015
Falmouth, KY
So long story. My rooster died, fueled by emotion I incubated eggs that were fertilized by him, and only one hatched and we named it Akea. Akea has been beyond spoiled as a pet. She was raised in our house getting full attention from us. As she got bigger, we let her run outside during the day with the other chickens hoping she would make friends and become part of the flock but she has chose not to. She completely ignores the other chickens, she just wonders around, doing her own thing, and when it gets dark, she comes to the kitchen door so we can let her in (she walks into her dog crate and sleeps in the house). She is a complete loner and it breaks my heart bc I know chickens are sociable creatures and she doesn't have a single feathered friend (by her choice the others tried to be friendly).
My question is, will she be ok mentally with this lifestyle or should I be doing something more to try to get her into the flock?
Yup you are her flock. I have noticed that my younger hens that were brooded together even after being integrated into the rest still hang mostly together. The only way to integrate her would be to pen her up in the coop in a cage by herself. That in and of itself would be stressful for her as she would be depressed for a while being away from your (her) family. She should be fine as long as you give her attention and what not.

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