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Nov 30, 2020
I have had a small flock of 6 hens for past year and a half. One went broody this spring and I got her some chicks to raise. How fun, right?! Well, I ended up with a roo that is turning into being a generally sweet bird and at about 5 months old now has all the other chickens (five of the original six and his three sisters) follow him around the yard, etc. with one exception. One of the original 6 has kept her loner ways.
The current situation progressed slowly into what is happening now and has me wondering what to do next.
I hope someone has some good advice.
She started hanging out around the front porch more and more instead of off free ranging with the others. This turned into her not going back to the coop and roosting in my planter boxes. I did see the rooster chasing her once. She ran off and he didn't pursue more than a couple of feet.
I bought a little coop/run combo and put her in it for a couple of days, but she never left the coop part. I coaxed her out a couple of times with treats, but since I had treats the other chickens would come over. As soon as she saw the rooster, into the coop she would go for the rest of the day.
So, I thought it was a rooster problem. I switched and now he is in the small run by himself. The free range hens come and hang out around him from outside the enclosure. The other hen still goes to the front porch. She used to hang out there before, but not 100% of the time.
She is my favorite. So, I am hoping someone can help. She is generally sweetest, most friendly and the only one that comes to her specific name not just a general "ladies!"
She is also molting. So, maybe that has something to do with this behavior also.
Ug! They were fun and now I am stressed out.
i had a cockerel that started chasing one hen, she became a "loner" like yours too. i gave away the roo and she went back to normal. it could be partly because of her molting but it is not a good thing that the roo i chasing her. i would get rid of him

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