Long Handled Fishing Net


12 Years
Feb 6, 2007
I know some of you think the use is limited to just catching Guineas but you would be wrong.

Its Fall, there is the adult flock and there is the four month olds. Its bad enough that the adults can get rather wacky in the Fall but add a bunch of keets maturing in to adults and it can become a circus in rounding them all up. Tonight while I was locking down chickens and making sure their food and water was full the Guineas were all around, wandering because they knew they were next. Well, next must have seemed too long for them because when I walked out of the coop all I saw were two adults. But I could hear voices, lots of voices.

Every bird, except the two, had flown in to the trees. Four month olds in one and the adults in another. This is where the net is so super. All it takes is a swing of the net up and Guineas can't get out of the trees fast enough and head where they belong, their coop.

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